Invest in a home audio system you can be proud to call your own

We're an authorised dealer of the A-Bus audio system. Now you can enjoy quality multi-room music at home

  • Compatible with popular brands such as iPod, as well as SMART TV's, HiFi systems and more
  • Enjoy music from a single docking point, across multiple rooms
  • You can also play separate music tracks across separate docks on the same network

    What are the benefits of upgrading to A-Bus?

    • The A-Bus system uses high capacity CAT-5 cable for quality data transmission without the loss associated with wireless systems
    • Cables can be hidden for improved aesthetics in you home
    • Discrete IR receivers can be installed, enabling remote control of any attached device from any room.
    • A-Bus can be set up to stream music in up to 8 rooms in your home at the same time!

      Interested yet?

      Give us a call to find out which data installation upgrades are most suitable for your needs.

      Close up of speaker system attached to an A-Bus data installation

      Call 01280 814778 find out about bespoke A-Bus audio for your home; perfect for multi-room music systems.

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